Tips for Planning Your Galveston RV Vacation

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A little planning can go a long way in terms of making your next RV trip to Galveston, TX a success. Some travelers love to schedule and plan out vacations in detail, right down to the last second. Other travelers prefer to be more spontaneous and flexible with their trip.

Tip #1: Book Your Galveston RV Site In Advance

Galveston, TX is an incredibly popular tourist destination. This is especially true for the peak vacation months like June and July. Whenever possible, make your RV reservations in advance to ensure you’ll have an RV site secured and waiting for you when you arrive at our Galveston RV campground. Booking early also gives you a chance to request a specific RV site on the lot. Are you hoping for a space that’s closer to the resort pool? Or maybe you want that perfect spot that gets the best view of the sunset over Galveston Bay?

At Galveston Bay RV Resort & Marina, we make booking simple and easy! Just give us a call any time during our office hours, or fill out our Online Reservation Form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Tip #2: Define Your Budget

While RV traveling is widely popular for being a cost-effective alternative to other types of travel, vacations can still be pricey. Careful planning of your budget and managing of finances can be key to making sure your RV vacation is enjoyable and stress-free. Start with priority expenses first, such as travel costs and accommodations. RV campers can be the perfect solution for budget-conscious travelers. Going around the country in an RV can be much more affordable than air travel, and staying at our RV park and campground in Galveston is a great money-saving option in comparison to overpriced hotels or Airbnbs.

When you spend less money on travel accommodations by staying with us, you can dedicate more of your budget to fun activities for you and your family. Check out our amazing Galveston RV resort rates here!

Tip #3: Outline Your Galveston Trip

No one wants to waste their days off searching for things to do while on vacation. A little initial planning and research can save you time and money when you have a more solid schedule to follow. Choose the attractions you’d most like to see and visit, and decide the activities you definitely want to do in and around Galveston. Then make sure to look up travel times to and from the RV campground to get a better picture of your travel schedule. Make every minute of your RV vacation count by planning ahead! Check out our Attractions page for some ideas on great places to visit when you stay at our Galveston RV campground.

Start Planning Your Galveston RV Vacation Today!

Traveling in an RV and taking RV vacations can be an incredible experience and a great chance to build lasting memories with your loved ones. Whether you’re visiting Galveston Island with your family for an awesome summer vacation or you’re a traveling RV snowbird heading south to Texas for a warmer winter, you’re always welcome here at Galveston Bay RV Resort & Marina. Call or book your RV site today!

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